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Karen Chen was born into old money. A star student with a bright future. But at the age of 12, her father lost the entire family fortune in a business gamble that went awry during the oil crisis.

Ernawati Tandonio was born into new money – lots of it. To top it off, she married into a hotel and property empire.

Best friends since high school, Karen and Ernawati shared everything like sisters. But Karen harboured a secret ambition to reclaim her family fortune.  And her son Benjamin was the key to her well laid plans.

Erna had always been quietly envious of Karen’s drive and clarity, in spite of her own enviable wealth and resources.

Erna’s children – Elizabeth and Samuel would be the turning point in the unspoken rivalry between Karen and her.

As Karen networks her world around their children, they invariably get drawn into their world of secret ambitions.

Can Karen and Erna’s survive the undertow of their ambition?

How far will they go to defy fate itself as they mould a perfect future for their children?

And when fate shows its hand and cashes its chips in, can Karen truly pay the price?

Set in the high stakes and competitive education environment of the cosmopolitan island city of Singapore, an honest and unsettling look into the hidden secrets and real lives of Singaporean moms over 2 generations, and the fate they seal for their children.


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