Chinese, Western Parenting Methods Compared in New Study

Asian parenting for Asian children. Why it works.

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Asian vs the West. Which Gives Children a Chance at Success?

A kid plays the piano in front of an audience of adults in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Photo: CFP


When speaking of “Chinese parents,” words like controlling, strict, and authoritarian usually come to mind, thanks in part to Amy Chua, a Yale law professor, who wrote about how she educated her two daughters as a “Tiger Mother” almost two years ago.

But why are Chinese parents, and perhaps parents in East Asian countries as well, so controlling? Scientists are trying to unravel the cultural and psychological reasons behind it.

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Strict Parenting Leads to More Successful Children

Inspiration 1%. Perspiration 99%.

How to engage, motivate and inspire your children for success.

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How to Parent Your Children to Success

If your parents yelled too much at you, you will probably try to go mild with your child, but now is the moment to tell you that being too mild can actually harm your child.

Your mother was right when she asked you to tidy your room or do the dishes. She was just doing you a favor. Now studies show that strict parenting actually produces successful children.

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Raising Successful Children

You can beat nature with nurture to raise successful children.

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Steps to Raising Successful Children

PHRASES like “tiger mom” and “helicopter parent” have made their way into everyday language. But does overparenting hurt, or help?

While parents who are clearly and embarrassingly inappropriate come in for ridicule, many of us find ourselves drawn to the idea that with just a bit more parental elbow grease, we might turn out children with great talents and assured futures. Is there really anything wrong with a kind of “overparenting lite”?

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STUDY: Nagging Mums with High Expectations Raise Successful Daughters

Why nagging works.

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Do Naggy Parents Produce Top Performers?

Nagging gets a lot of flak in most circles. Some say that reminding your children over and over again to do their homework, wash the dishes, pick up their clothes from the floor, and so forth only teaches them to tune out your voice.

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Why Do Singapore Students Surpass the Rest of the World in Math and Science?

Becoming top at math and science – Nature vs nurture.

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The latest results from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)–an international assessment of 60 participating countries–have been released to prove that once again Singapore’s students dominate both math and science in every tested grade level.

This raises a familiar question: What makes Singapore students so STEM-savvy and what can U.S. students learn from them to improve?

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